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Within these pages of Pirates & Privateers, you'll find articles on all aspects of maritime piracy from ancient times to modern day. Pirate Articles is an annotated list of all the articles I've written. Pirate Links is an annotated list of the best web sites that specialize in piracy and life at sea from early days through the Age of Sail. The Book Review pages house the reviews on the latest fiction and non-fiction pirate and maritime books for children and adults. Other highlights include specialized bibliographies, piratical places to visit, pirate dates in history, piracy quotes, and information about The Rebel and the Spy, my current novel-in-progress that started me on the path of piracy.

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As always, if you have a question about pirates, please write and ask. If you'd like me to write about a particular pirate or subject, let me know. One cautionary note to those searching for genealogical information. Historical records about pirates are rare. Much of what is known comes from government records, including court trials, and the few first-person accounts written during a particular time period. This information rarely contains details pertinent to what you need to identify and/or learn about ancestors. The simple fact is that the vast majority of pirates' names remain unknown. I cannot answer this type of question, so rather than contact me, you should check genealogical depositories and websites, as well as national archives.

A special note to teachers and students: Answering questions and locating information is something I love to do. If you need help with a project or report, please contact me. Should you use any of my articles or reviews, please let me know and remember to include the proper citation. The majority of material contained within this website is copyrighted.

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Skull and crossed bonesOctober ArticleSkull
                    and crossed bones

by Guest Columnist Katherine Bone

A small Caribbean island, shaped like a turtle, became a notorious pirate haven in the 17th century. When Spain tried to drive off the hunters, they took to piracy and became known as the Buccaneers or the Brethren of the Coast. Guest columnist Katherine Bone takes us back to this infamous den of pirates and thieves.

Skull and crossbonesSkull and crossbonesSkull and
                      crossbonesSkull and crossbonesSkull and crossbonesSkull and

Pirate Quotes of the Month

The planters and hunters of the isle of Tortuga had no sooner understood this happy event, and the rich prize those pirates had obtained, but they resolved to follow their example. Hereupon many of them left their ordinary exercises and common employment, and used what means they could to get either boats or small vessels wherein to exercise piracy.

Alexandre O. Exquemelin, Bucaniers of America (1684)

The Bonnie Bookaneer's
NewOctober Book ReviewsNew

The Ultimate Pirate Handbook
by Linda Hamilton
illustrated by Mathieu Leyssenne and Jason Kraft

Children's book

The Reckoning by MaryLu Tyndall
Historical Romance, 17th century

Blood Ransom by John Boyle
Modern Piracy, 21st century

The Myth of the Press Gang by J. Ross Dancy
(reviewed by Irwin Bryan)
Naval History, 18th & 19th centuries


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Comedian and musician Phil Johnson recently interviewed me for his new program, Under the Crossbones. These regular podcasts feature interviews with writers, historians, actors, musicians, small business owners, artists, game designers, and many others. Phil and I talk about pirates and my writing, including my current work-in-progress, The Rebel and the Spy. My segment begins at 7:00 and runs about 15 minutes. You can download the show at itunes, and if you enjoy the show, please consider adding your review. (Here's how to include your review.) You can also listen to the interview below. Just click on the play arrow.

Talk Like a Pirate Day
For those who wish to demonstrate pirattitude and swagger, Ol' Chumbucket and Cap'n Slappy invite you to visit their website and explore what events may be near you. (Check the Googly Map o' Pirate Fun)
Ol' Chumbucket and Cap'n Slappy with the
                      Pirate Lady

Should you find yourself in Charleston, South Carolina, these folks invite you to take a two-hour walking tour the oldest sections of the city and learn about notorious pirates such as Blackbeard, Stede Bonnet, and Anne Bonny who all have ties to the city. For those who don't fancy pirates, there are also ghost tours (perfect for this time of year) and  history tours.

To enjoy Talk Like a Pirate Day it might be useful to know what they ate. Here's an interview with one of Charleston Pirate Tours' tour guides on trying to eat like a pirate.

Pirate & Maritime Events & Exhibits


Privateers of the Americas
Sunset Aboard Pride of Baltimore II
20 September 2015
Baltimore, Maryland

Privateer Artifacts and Cannon Mysteries Lecture
7 October 2015
Pride of Baltimore, Inc. Headquarters
Baltimore, Maryland

2015 Safety4Sea Athens Forum
7 October 2015
Eugenides Foundation
Athens, Greece

The Mariners' Pirate Run
17 October 2015
The Mariners' Museum and Park
Newport News, Virginia

Navies in Miniature Symposium
4-5 February 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands


Pirates & Privateers
4 July - 27 September 2015
Hull Maritime Museum
Hull, United Kingdom

Through 4 October 2015
The Field Museum
Chicago, Illinois

Pirate Island
Through October 2015
Columbus Zoo
Powell, Ohio

Viking Voyages

20 March 2015 - 22 February 2017
National Maritime Museum
Cornwall, United Kingdom

Real Pirates Logo
8 May - 28 November 2015
Museum of Idaho
Idaho Falls, Idaho


Pirate Skeleton in Crow's
                    NestVisitors' ReviewsPirate Skeleton
                    in Rigging

Impressive website. -- Peter Hore, editor of Nelson's Band of Brothers

Your website was very interesting, I'm glad I found it. -- LCDR Charles J. Wilson, USN


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Pirate Adventures  and Pirates Adventures 2010
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Examines merchant ships, maritime commerce, and seaports

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Examines ships prior to the seventeenth century

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Articles, books, and web sites on the Barbary Corsairs

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Articles, books, and web sites on piracy and privateering in Canada

Modern Piracy Resources
Articles, books, and web sites on piracy today
(Updated September 2015)

Pirates and Death
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(Revised February 2015)

Piratical Dates

Events in history related to pirates and the world in general
(Updated July 2015)

Pyrate Surgeons Resources
Articles, books, and web sites on pyrate surgeons and medicine at sea in the Age of Sail

Wooden Sailing Ships
Inside look at a wooden ship

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Skull and CrossbonesThe Rebel and the SpySkull and Crossbones

The Rebel and the Spy, my current Novel-in-Progress, centers around Jean Laffite and the Battle of New Orleans.  Below are links to places depicted in the novel and a resource list for those seeking information on Jean Laffite, Pirates, Ships in the Age of Sail, the Battle of New Orleans, Andrew Jackson, and many other subjects.

Jean Laffite's Haunts

New Orleans and Piracy Resource List


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